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Composite Door Letter Plate

  • £3600

Nu Mail Letter Plate For Composite Doors 

Available in 2 sizes, to suit either Panel doors 20mm-40mm thick or Midrails 40mm-80mm thick
- Suits a range of door thicknesses
Fully colour matched die cast zinc flap and die cast zinc frame
- Quality and durability you can see and feel
Anti-snap flap opens to 180° with fully sprung return
- Easier to operate, no broken flaps, even with the Sunday papers
10" wide aperture
- Meets Royal Mail standards, will easily take A4 size post
The best acoustic insulation of any letterplate on the market*
- Perfect for flats, or houses near busy roads
Fully weather sealed (with rubber gasket)
- No draft, no rain water
Secure through fixing ensures letterplate can only be removed from the inside of the house
- Prevents burglars gaining access to the cylinder internally
Can be through fixed or face fixed
- Flexible according to fabricator preference
Optional restricted opening with the addition of a PAS24 Letterplate Restrictor
- Possible to restrict the opening angle, or lock the flap shut
Supplied with 70mm and 45mm screws
- Everything needed for installation on a variety of door thicknesses
Secured by Design
- Additional peace of mind

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