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Avocet 2 Hook 2 Rollers 16mm Face Plate

  • £5500

Avocet WMS Upvc Replacement Door Lock 2 Hooks 2 Rollers 35mm Backset

  •  Spindle to Key: 92 & 62mm Twin Spindle 
  • Backset: 35mm 
  • Locking Points: 2 hooks 2 roller cams
  • Face Plate Dim: 16mm Some older locks were stamped with either WMS or Avocet on the faceplate
  • The Overall length of the lock faceplate shown (OL: in attatched detailed dimensions file) is simply trimmed down at the ends with a hacksaw.

N:B if you have the old Avocet hook locks quite easy to spot as they were always Yellow chromated colour finish. You will find that this lock is almost identical however the roller cam postitions are in a different place. We suggest that you may also need to choose a full length keep to match this lock and fit it at the same time to create a trouble free installation.   

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