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Composite Door Hinge

  • £1000

Crimebeater 3D Composite Door Hinge

  • Sash and frame elements packed individually for ease of fabrication
  • White, Brown, Chrome and Gold finishes
  • 3 Way door adjustment

The Crimebeater 3D door hinge for use on composite doors is fully tested and provides 3 way on the door adjustment.


Lateral: +/- 2mm

Height: +3mm -0mm

Compression: +/-0.5mm


Testing and Accreditation:

Salt spray tested in excess of BS EN 1670 Grade 4 (240 Hours)

Operational durability tested to 50,000 cycles

Tested to the requirements of PAS 23/24 (as part of a full door assembly)


Weight Carrying Capacity:

Maximum door leaf weight with 3 hinges: 100kg

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