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Security Tape 3mm

Security Tape 3mm

  • £700


The 68130 is a high density PVC foam with a high performance solvent acrylic adhesive. Available in  width of 1mm - 8mm.
It is suited for bonding difficult and dissimilar surfaces including metals, wood, UPVC and many plastics. The foam construction provides excellent conformability and is therefore ideal for rough, uneven and structured surfaces. In addition the foam offers excellent sealing, dampening and vibration absorption capabilities ensuring that bonded joints remain permanently secure even in critical and exacting applications.
·         High performance PVC Foam
·         High initial tack
·         High shear, high peel, high adhesive mass
·         Increased coat weight of adhesive giving excellent bond to all surfaces
·         Instant adhesion, even at low temperatures
·         Will not lift from the UPVC frame even at corner welds
·         Adhesive will not delaminate from the foam
Size: 10mm x 3mm x 26m

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