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Pencil Hinge for Upvc Doors 100mm Long

  • £680

Pencil Hinge 100mm for Upvc Doors

100mm zinc cast reversible adjustable door hinge with self-lubricating nylon bushes suitable for PVCu sashes with edge profiles of 0° Deg. This adjustable hinge has 4mm of linear adjustment possible, without removing the door, simply open the door to 90° then rotate two adjuster cams on the hinge until the desired adjustment is reached, ensuring the hinge marked points are aligned correctly. Available in white or brown.


  • Length 100mm
  • Width 16mm
  • Height 15.5mm (from base to centre of pin)
  • Tested to175,000 cycles on endurance at 80kg per single hinge
  • Will fit door sashes with 0 Deg edge profile

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